The Friends Ministry is a diverse collection of Christians from various backgrounds and Christian denominations. We gather to fellowship on the west-side of Columbus, Ohio; in the neighborhood of Franklinton. We practice a pragmatic form of Christianity by offering our hospitality and friendships to others, most of whom are strangers. To those living chaotic, aimless lifestyles, we offer our time and expressions of caring. To those forgotten and alone, we listen and pray. To those trapped in addictions, we offer alternatives. We instill value to those whose shame and circumstances have brought despair and a loss of dignity.

Reaching Out

As a people we are polarized. We forget the "others" and focus too much on our individual needs. Compared to "others" our situations are minimal. Many of us have lost our sense of belonging. With Friends we come together, setting aside our racial, economic, and religious differences to help as Christ teaches.

Shattered Dreams

We  focus on those who find themselves alone and wandering aimlessly through our streets. Frequently, the individual falls under the bondage of addiction, becoming isolated and despondent. Friends understand these complex situations. We understand the chaotic aftermath of shattered dreams. 

Joining In 

Our Fellowship is exciting, chaotic and often unpredictable.  We encourage audience participation; some is inspiring; some, not so. The important aspect is that those often ignored have the opportunity to express the pain or the blessings of their lives. We are family to those who are alone and forgotten.